These are just a few comments from some of our clients.

     "I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how impressed I was with your work.  This is one of the few times in my life that I truly feel like I got a bargain!  Your inspection far exceeded my expectations and your report was so thorough and easy to understand."        Shelly A., Miami, FL

     "Thanks so much Ian.  It was a real pleasure to meet you too!  Thanks for getting this out to us so quickly..."            Darin D., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    "I've only had time to read through your report once but am very happy with your attention to detail.  Thanks for being so thorough and so patient with our questions.  You gave us a reassuring feeling about buying this house."    Adam W., Gainesville, FL

    "Thank you very much for the very thorough inspection.  We really appreciate all you did.  The report is very helpful and informative.  P.S. Our realtor was right - you are the best!"    Leslie S., Boynton Beach, FL

    "Ian, the client is taking our suggestion and won't be buying that house.  We will be putting in a cancellation of contract immediately."    A Gainesville Realtor

    "Ian, thank you for helping me out last week with the inspection!  My wife and I are thoroughly impressed with the quality of your work!  We will recommend you to all of our friends who need a home inspection in the future!  I look forward to keeping in touch with you regarding the improvements we plan on making to the house."        Matt K., Gainesville, FL

    "Thanks Ian!  It's been a real pleasure working with you.  I've got a couple of friends who are in the beginnings of their home search so I will be passing your name on to them.  Thanks again for your wealth of knowledge and your excellent professionalism."        Hal K., Gainesville, FL

     "Ian, I just wanted to let you know that 3 times was the charm!  We got the house for $20,000 less than what they wanted and they agreed to fix everything that you found in your inspection report.  Thank you for working so hard and doing such a fantastic job.  You are a true professional.  It was a pleasure to do business with you and I will recommend you to everyone that I know."    Michelle L., Chiefland, FL 

    "It was a pleasure meeting you today.  I definitely learned a lot and really appreciate it.  The report looks really thorough!"    Jason D., Gainesville, FL

    "Thanks Ian.  It looks like this is a solid house and a worthwhile investment.  Incidentally, I've paid for 5 home inspections over this past year (the other 4 didn't work out, unfortunately).  I want you to know that yours was by far the most thorough, which is probably no surprise to you.  You clearly take your job very seriously.  I'm sure I'll be looking at other properties eventually and I will certainly be holding onto your card.  Thanks again for being on top of everything - it's very reassuring."    Tom S., Gainesville, FL